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Serving more than 20,000 children annually, Community Partners of Dallas offers five unique programs to help ensure safety, restore dignity and inspire hope for abused and neglected children served by Dallas County Child Protective Services. Their programs for caseworkers, children and families include: Rainbow Room, A Kid in Crisis, The Heart Program, Caseworker Appreciation, and StoryLine.   The Hoglund Foundation is a proud sponsor of Community Partners “A Forever Home for Community Partners of Dallas” capital campaign that will provide funding for a new building and ongoing programs.



The gift from The Hoglund Foundation will assist Interfaith Family Services with building a new Family Empowerment Center that will help an additional 200 families a year who are in crisis and on the brink of becoming homeless. This innovative new center will provide financial coaching, career development services, and counseling that low-income parents need to fight poverty in their new Adult Education building. The Center will also house their Childcare & Youth Services that empowers children ages 0 to 18 through educational activities, tutoring, art, and play therapy. Additionally, Interfaith’s new center will house a childcare facility providing much-needed services on evening and weekends, which is the only time many working poor parents can access the services and training needed to increase their income levels. The Family Empowerment Center combines transitional housing, financial coaching, career training, counseling, and childcare at one conveniently located, DART-accessible site.